The Calm Ones

New things are coming:

Our youtube channel is here! No videos yet though, but we have a channel.

New Etsy Shop! Adding new things everyday!


Please check out our blog for updates on events and new artists!


A little about me……

Hi, my name is Ehi Ayoko Aimiuwu-Jinadu. I am a mother, wife, an artist, photographer, writer, blogger, and consultant. I love trying new things all the time and one of my many numerous goals is to someday document my journey of trying new things and learning from other artists, which is why I am starting the YouTube channel

I started Chicago Art Life Media about 2 years ago, before I got into the technology field to blog about my love for art and since then it has grown into so much more.

Chicago Art Life Media’s mission is to inform, inspire and impact the creative individual, through our blog and offering services to those who want to start their career in a creative field. We shed light on a  culture, music, technology, art, fashion and design on the people of Chicago. We highlight and lift up others in our community who are up and coming by doing interviews, workshops and (coming soon) documentaries that are not mainstream. We are bringing Life back to Art in Chicago through different forms of Media. We are Chicago Art Life Media, we are The Calm Ones.

I am always looking for new projects and artist to feature on our blog. I also shoot other artist who want to be featured and events in the art community. Our mission is to show the world that the starving artist no longer exist, we can build careers off of our talents. And to share our talents with people who appreciate them to build a support system.


2014-07-20 13.41.06

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