Tech in Motion new interview video, Seasons Eatings Demos & Drinks

I recently went to an event to interview some business owners on how they integrate technology into what they do.

The location was at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago:

The meetup group was Tech In Motion:

New video, interview with Angelica Grizzard MUA based in Chicago

Are you working on your brand, business or passion in life, currently based in the Chicago area and want to do a video interview? Chicago Art Life Media is working on a new series of videos for a Day in the Life of, where creative individual can share what they love. If interested please contact Ehi @ and we can set something up!

Building my own and you can too

So if you haven’t already, and you plan on building your empire in 2015, build your personal brand. If you want to learn about building your own personal brand read

Today I got the chance to start coding my landing page, very excited, if you need a boost in coding, or if your new to coding,there is an easy framework you can use and build off of, just use rails. There are a bunch of rails tutorials out there in the webs, but this is a good one to build off of and I using a combination of two, this one and this other one

What I have done so far isn’t great, and once you get to the html you can add as many widgets from your other sites as you like.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 6.09.00 PM

I added my medium widget and cant wait to add more, its a landing page after all.

If you want to know more about ruby or rails and you’re in the chicago area I have info on workshops that you can attend. You can also check out these places. (I will personally be at this event)